DSD and what it means to you:
Associated Distributors was established in 1974 and incorporated in 1985. Since then we’ve established ourselves as a premier direct store merchandiser to convenience stores, truck stops, and car washes. We are niche-specialized -- concentrating on just two product lines: sunglasses and cellular accessories. Both of these categories generate high volume with exceptional gross profits for each retailer and wholesaler. Because all of our energies and resources are dedicated to these two categories alone, we can do what a mass merchandiser or grocery wholesaler servicing thousands of categories and items simply cannot do when it comes to maintaining and enhancing individual programs.

Associated Distributors is a direct importer with corporate staff based in China. This gives us a unique opportunity to purchase the most exciting, current, and best quality merchandise available today.

Every effort has been taken to create the most attractive and fresh marketing concept for Wavelength®, our exclusive trademarked name for cellular accessories. All packages are heat-sealed to prevent theft, while allowing the customer to connect their phone to the charger and insert their phone into the desired case before purchasing.

Our Images® sunglass program is unique in the marketplace. Our warehouse inventory is refreshed daily with a minimum of 300 different and exciting new styles! Whichever merchandiser the individual retailer selects will be serviced with a customized planogram designed exclusively for the unique clientele of that store. We work to assure no duplications, which results in an amazing assortment of the freshest and most popular styles for even the most discriminating customers. Seasonal programs are also available on a sell-through basis.

Personalized service is our forte. Each member of our service team receives a hands-on intensive six-week training period before servicing accounts on their own. Each service rep dedicates an hour to an hour-and-a-half with each retailer making sure our products and merchandisers look as great as they did on the day they were installed. Feather dusters, cloth diapers, and Windex are used to clean and maintain products on every visit. Discontinued items and damaged products will be credited the regular monthly service.

Our core business philosophy: If it isn’t good for the end consumer and their preferred retailer, it isn’t good for us. Our business goals are aligned with yours.

Associated Distributors will help you generate more volume with resulting profits than any of our competitors can. Prove it for yourself today! Simply place one of our merchandiser next to any other vendor’s and you will see the value of our program.