An associated distributor rep poses with a display of merchandise.

About Associated Distributors

The focus of Associated Distributors is on cellular accessories and sunglasses.   Our direct store service representatives work with convenience store retailers to customize the in-store assortment with best selling items in each store.

Glasses and cellphone accessories display

 About Associated Distributors

Cellphone Accessories and Sunglasses

Associated Distributors sells cellular accessories and sunglasses at convenience stores across the United States.  With the latest electronics technology and a wide variety of sunglasses styles, Associated Distributors offers convenience stores an efficient product assortment that delivers optimal sales and profits.   The combination of top quality products, competitive pricing, and excellent direct store service ensures a profitable program for wholesalers and retailers.

Because Associated Distributors is focused on selling sunglasses and cellular accessories along with best-in-class service, we strive to be a long-term partner with our wholesale and retail partners in the convenience store channel.

Who We Are

What makes Associated Distributors

better than other suppliers?

Top Quality Products

Sunglasses from Images® Premium Eyewear are produced by the same quality manufacturers that make name brand sunglasses. Wavelength® Cellular Accessories are premium quality and include dual or triple integrated circuit chip processors, UL approved chargers, and Apple MFi certification.

Two pairs of sunglasses

Optimal Assortment

Sunglasses from Images® Premium Eyewear come in the most popular styles like aviators, sports wrap, metal retro, and ladies styles with new varieties added each year to keep up with fashion trends. Wavelength® has a variety of products including car chargers, wall chargers, and wireless earbuds to name a few.

Glasses and cellphone accesories display

Direct Store Service

Highly trained Direct Store Service (DSS) representatives visit each store monthly to customize the display assortment with the best sellers for each store. They also clean, scan, and order products to keep the in-store displays looking their best.

An associated distributor rep poses with a display of merchandise.


Associated Distributors buys direct from top quality manufacturers, so you get a competitive list price on great products.  Retailers make 50% retail margin on sunglasses and cellular accessories. 

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100% guaranteed

Returns and defective items are handled by the Direct Store Service representative.