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wavelength® cellular accessories

Thank you for purchasing Wavelength Cellular Accessories!  We hope you enjoy these premium quality phone chargers, audio accessories, and phone holders.   Our products are designed to be easy to use and operate.  Here are some instructions for some of our most popular products to help get you started.  

phone holders

There are 3 types of phone holders to safely display your mobile device while driving.

  • Model #66951 Wavelength Universal 3 in 1 Phone Mount.  This product includes all the components that you need to hold your mobile device to the vent, dashboard, or windshield of any car or truck.  
  • Model #66952 Wavelength Cupholder Phone Mount.  This product features an adjustable base that fits securely to virtually any cupholder in a car or truck.  Watch this video for a demonstration on how to adjust the base.
  • Model #66953 Wavelength Wireless Charger with Universal 3 in 1 Phone Mount.   To connect the wireless charger to the phone mount, follow these set-up instructions or watch this video for a demonstration on how to install the charger.

Set-up Instructions:
1.  Connect the Micro USB connector to the wireless charging pad. Plug the other end of the connector (USB-A) into the power source
2.  Set up the universal 3 in 1 phone mount base with either the vent adapter or suction cup.  Attach the phone mount / wireless charging pad to the base.  Tighten the knob to secure the phone to base.
3.  When the car engine is turned on, the wireless charging pad will have the power to charge the mobile device.  Hold the mobile device in front of the wireless charging pad and the phone holder arms will automatically open up.  
4.  To remove the phone, press the sensor button at the back on top of the charging pad. 

wireless earbuds

There are 2 models of Wavelength wireless earbuds.  

Model #89041 Wavelength wireless earbuds
Usage Instructions:
1.  To turn it on, press the multi-function button (located in between the "+" and "-" buttons).  The blue LED light will flash and a beep sound will be heard when the wireless earbuds have been turned on.   
2.  To pair to the Bluetooth receiver, press the multi-function button and hold it down for 3 seconds.  The blue and red LED lights will quickly flash and 2 beep sounds will be heard to signal the wireless earbuds are ready to pair with a Bluetooth receiver.
3.  Press the multi-function button to play or pause music.
4.  Press the "+" button to turn the volume up.  Press and hold this button for the next music track. 
5.  Press the "-" button to turn the volume down.  Press and hold this button for the previous music track. 
6.  Low battery will be signaled by red LED light flashes and voice notification.  Plug wireless earbuds into the micro USB charging cable (included) and connect to a power source to recharge.

Model #89042 Wavelength wireless earbuds
Charging the Case and the Wireless Earbuds  Make sure the Earbuds are in the case for the initial charging. Plug the USB charging cable (supplied) into the charging port on the case and the other end to a suitable USB charging source. The LED light flashes RED while charging and becomes solid RED once charging is complete. When the charging cable is removed, the RED LED becomes GREEN.  The charged case will provide five full charges of the Earbuds before the case must be recharged. When the case is idle, the GREEN LED will turn off after about 30 seconds. There is a button on the back of the case that must be pressed to turn the case ON. When the case is ON (GREEN LED lit), lift the case lid and observe the Earbuds.  When the inner light is RED, the Earbuds are charging in the case. When the inner light is BLUE, the Earbuds are fully charged.
Using the Wireless Earbuds:  To turn the earbuds on, press the Touch Control button for 5 seconds.  Earbuds will pair with each other automatically.  To play / pause music, tab the earbud once.  To turn the volume down, double-tap the left earbud.  To turn the volume down, double-tap the right earbud.  For previous track, triple tap the left earbud.  For next track triple-tap the right earbud. 

wireless chargers - home

There are 2 models of Wavelength wireless chargers for charging your mobile device at home or office.    
Model #88300 - Wavelength Wireless Charger (5W)
Model #88301 - Wavelength Wireless Charger (10W)
Charging time will vary depending on the mobile device battery level and the model type (higher watts "W" charges faster).

Usage instructions:
1.  Connect Micro USB connector to wireless charging pad. 
2. Plug the other end of the connector (USB-A) into the power source
3. Place the mobile device on charging pad with the screen facing up.
4. The mobile device will signal when charging is taking place and the wireless charging pad's blue indicator light will come on.  If a connection is not made right away, try to reposition the mobile device on the charging pad until the charging indicator light comes on.





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